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Liz Lester, RMT (license retired in 2019), 

Matrix Repatterning Practitioner

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Succeeds Where Other Therapies Have Failed

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What Previous Clients Have to Say About Matrix

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What our customers are saying

"After years of abuse on my body through multiple concussions and wear and tear, I had a serious injury at work. With ruptured discs and herniated discs now a reality for my back, I was told by a specialist, doctors, and a physiotherapist that the best I could hope for was to maintain the level of pain and immobility that I was left with.

“For years I truly believed this, until time made the condition unbearable. Having heard what the experts had to say, being only 31 years old and with 2 small children, I set about finding something new.

“This is when I found Matrix Repatterning. It brought about a different perspective in looking at my injuries. I had my doubts initially, but at my wife's urging, I figured why not try. No one else had any answers. What I found was life-changing. In a few short sessions I had more mobility and less pain then I had had in years. I had my life back.

“As we worked the treatment plan things steadily got better. But one of the unforeseen side effects was how good my head felt. I never realized the toll those concussions had taken. The headaches I would wake up with and the fog I always felt had lifted. I felt healthy, I felt happy, I felt like I could live again. I truly recommend Matrix Repatterning to anyone with concussions or back pain. Let it change your life like it did for me."

- J.C., Bracebridge, Ontario

What our customers are saying

“For nearly 2 years, I was in constant pain and limping from what I thought was a hip and/or lower back issue resulting from a sports injury. I was x-rayed and MRI'd. I saw a very highly regarded back surgeon who could not promise a solution. I had chiropractic treatments with minimal relief. I saw a massage therapist weekly for the 2 years.

“Concurrently, I was treated by a sports physiotherapist three times a week for 5 months. I actively engaged in a supervised conditioning and strength training program three times a week throughout the 2 years. I had really exhausted all alternatives I knew of and was resigned to the reality that the pain and the limp were not going to go away.

“Then a friend of mine remarked on my pronounced limp and I related to him what I was experiencing and what I had done to get relief. He sat me down and told me his story. He had been in a motorcycle accident and as a consequence, he had a limited range of motion in one shoulder. He then told me of this "crazy" therapeutic technique which, after less than 10 sessions, gave him back pain-free full range of motion in that shoulder.

“He said the technique was really crazy because the therapist barely touched him yet the results are dramatic. He then showed me his full range of motion. Although skeptical, I was intrigued. Frankly, I was at a point where I had nothing to lose so I asked for the name of his therapist.

“I was assessed and told that after 10 to 12 sessions I should be pain-free. I had heard this story before from some of the other people I had been treated by, so my skepticism continued. I was also warned that after the first treatment I may experience symptoms worse than I normally felt.

“During the initial visit, the therapist barely touched me yet the next day, I could not get out of bed. Something was happening which I did not understand but being desperately determined I decided I was going to carry through with this last hope for treatment.

“Sure enough, each week my symptoms eased and then, almost suddenly at about the 14th treatment session, the therapist got to the root cause of my pain, treated it, and told me that day that the treatment program was done and that I should be fine thereafter.

“Today, a year later, I am pain- and limp-free. At 53 years old, I am running, playing baseball and volleyball, and able to do full body work-outs without any discomfort. For me, Matrix Repatterning technique has been nothing short of miraculous in restoring my body.

In practice, I do not endorse any product or service, but I have to make an exception for Matrix Repatterning.” 

- T.G.S., Woodbridge, Ontario

What our customers are saying

"In the spring of 2004, I was diagnosed with extensive degeneration of C4, C5, C6 and C7 in my neck. Most of the degeneration was on the left side causing tingling numbness and loss of strength. This was determined through a MRI of my neck.

“Through a discussion with a specialist, I learned that the medical community wanted to fuse C4, C5, C6 and C7 together with bone pieces taken from my hip. This would have left me with a 40% or more reduction in mobility and a total retirement from all sports.

Since I am a very active and athletic individual I decided to pursue other options and found Matrix Repatterning. Today, I still play hockey and I am currently training for my 3-degree black belt. Matrix Repatterning has helped me stay active in the sports I love to play and achieve a quality of life that I thought was lost to me forever.”

- J.F., Newmarket, Ontario

What our customers are saying

"I turned to Liz Lester and Matrix Repatterning treatments when my General Practitioner was unable to help me with my tendinitis pain. I was in constant discomfort which limited my daily activities and made it impossible for me to indulge in my passion for squash. I had tried Chiropractic, as well as physio treatments, and although receiving some success, the process was long and the results were limited.

“After my first appointment with Liz, I noticed an immediate improvement and this encouraged me to continue with Matrix Repatterning. In subsequent treatments, Liz incorporated additional modalities such as Myofascial Release to realign the existing scar tissue, ultimately enabling me to resume my normal physical daily activities without limitation. With a few more treatments and prescribed homecare, I fully anticipate returning to squash with total confidence.

“Outside of the obvious thrill of being pain-free, one of the greatest benefits of going to Liz was that I received complete healing care without having to go from one practitioner to another. This truly was a one-stop experience in healing.”

- G.G., Newmarket, Ontario

What our customers are saying

"After approximately five years of suffering from upper back and neck pain, thanks to Matrix, I finally have some relief and can get back to living a normal life. Prior to starting matrix treatments, I tried many traditional methods of pain relief, with little to no success.

“I had tried Chiropractic treatment, then acupuncture and Dorn therapy. Finally, I turned to my family doctor for help. After x-rays, an MRI, and an ultrasound, he told me what I did not want to hear. ‘You don’t appear to have anything wrong, and whatever pain you have you will likely be stuck with for life’. He wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.

“After trying several different medications, I really wasn’t getting the pain relief I had hoped for, and I really wasn’t interested in taking pills for the rest of my life. My sister suggested trying some Matrix Repatterning treatments since she had had success with them. I was skeptical at first, but I thought I really didn’t have anything to lose.

“Approximately 3 hours after my first treatment I noticed a difference – I couldn’t believe I was having pain relief so soon. After 6 or 7 more treatments, I quit taking my pain medication, and I haven’t had the need to take it for over 2 years now. I brag about Matrix to all friends and family members and have recommended these treatments to many people I know with pain.”

- S.Z., Bracebridge, Ontario

What our customers are saying

“I had pain in my right foot occur quite suddenly, for no apparent reason. It showed no signs of easing off for days and was making me limp. A chiropractic treatment did nothing to help. Soon after, I tried a Matrix treatment and had simultaneous and almost total relief. Occasional twinges of the problem happened for about a week, but then all symptoms disappeared. All has been well for over 4 months.”

- R.L., Manotick, Ontario

What our customers are saying

"For as long as I can remember, I have always had some type of back and hip issues. Some days, I would experience a dull ache; and others days, the pain was very intense. I tried several over-the-counter remedies, prescription muscle relaxants, and of course, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments. Finally, I decided that I was just going to have to learn to live with the pain.

"A co-worker told me about Matrix Repatterning, and although he thought the whole Repatterning method was odd and unusual, he said his wife swore it saved her life. To this day I’m amazed at the results I got with Matrix. My hip pain is now completely gone and my back has a dull ache at times, but not often.

“I find the treatments very relaxing, and more importantly, very successful. I think Matrix Repatterning technique has an incredible way of finding the source of the pain – it’s not just a quick fix”, but a permanent one!”

- M.B., Bradford, Ontario

Explore Treatment Options

Contact me today at Physical Therapy Solutions in Bracebridge, Ontario to set up an appointment. We can then confer regarding your condition, and allow me to recommend the best treatment option for you.

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